Hill Street Nature Center


Hill Street Nature Center
Hill Street Park
60056 Mount Prospect , IL
United States
42° 4' 28.8912" N, 87° 55' 41.7756" W
Illinois US
List of Amenities: 
Scenic Trails
Team-Building Course
Walking Path

The Challenge Course

Challenges are what make life interesting.
Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

Looking for a unique way to bring your group together? How about the challenge course at Hill Street Nature Center!

Located in a beautiful park and wildlife sanctuary, our 10-station challenge will engage your group in problem-solving and risk-taking games designed to help them work together toward a common goal.

Who can benefit from team-building exercises? Any group that requires collaboration to achieve a shared objective. How does it work? Our trained facilitators lead your group in challenges that will help them discover that they can accomplish more together than they can individually. It’s fun, it’s thought provoking and it will unite your team with increased respect for one another as they unravel perplexing problems in creative ways.

Bring your group together for three hours they won’t soon forget at Hill Street Nature Center Challenge Course.

Call (847) 640-1000 for information and available dates.


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